Paisley Beaded Bandana

Bandanas, or headscarves, are made in a vast variety of colors and sizes. Bandanas can be worn by all ages, from the very young to the very elderly and may be worn by anyone with the desire to cover their head for religious or personal reasons. Personally, I use bandanas to keep my hair from falling in my face while working on projects.

I have one that I made more than 15 years ago and it continues to work very well. But I did get too close with the iron while pressing it the first time and did not like the results. So, I'm adding a "Bandana Care" section to help you keep your beaded bandana in good condition for a long time.

100% New Cotton/Polyester Blend Bandana
100% Nylon Thread
Bugle Beads/Spaghetti Beads/Pony Beads/Seed Beads

Bandana Care:
Hand wash your bandana in very warm (but not hot) water and hang to dry. Press if desired. If pressing do not come close to beaded edge as it will have a negative effect on the strands of beadwork causing bunching or gathering.
Your bandana may be worn in the rain after the first washing. A first washing is highly recommended to help prevent colour bleeding and maintain colorfastness.

$20.00 USD

Price includes ground shipping within Canada and the Continental U.S.
(excludes Alaska and Hawaii). Shipping to other areas is available upon request.

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